Wednesday, 31 October 2012

activity 5.2

We had to do 250 words on a stereotype in a totally different situation, I chose the old fashioned, elderly lady.....

Renate Jones is seventy three years old, but not elderly. And she also has a secret life. On Tuesday afternoons she entertains gentleman callers in her Mayfair apartment.

  The gentlemen enter the apartment and walk through to the drawing room.  The lights are low, the heavy curtains drawn. All the chairs are pushed back against the linen lined walls. The gentleman takes their seats expectantly. The heavy smell of expensive cigars pervades the air and competes with Renate’s exotic perfume. Renate’s  very good friend Amelie sits by an elderly record player. At three thirty exactly she puts the needle onto the record. Today it is Ravel’s Bolero. This is Renate’s cue. She enters, sashaying on five inch heels. The gentlemen puff away on their cigars like a row of miniature steam trains anxious to leave the platform and head towards the nearest tunnel. Renate’s flesh coloured stockings on skinny white legs are held up by a red lacy suspender belt. Her brassiere matches the belt. Her shrivelled breasts rest gently in each cup like small dough-like dumplings. She is twirling the end of a black feather boa, draped across her pale shoulders, the end in her hand swings round and round. The gentlemen’s eyes follow as if hypnotised. The smell of her perfume is getting stronger as the air in the room heats up. She turns her back and coyly glances over her shoulder, the end of the boa drawn across her lower face, her heavily mascaraed eyes fluttering seductively. With just the slightest of hesitance ( her left hip joint is new) she twists and turns and then suddenly drops her head down and peers at the gentleman from between her knees offering a view of her wrinkled, grey buttocks. She raises, turns, curtsies and leaves the room. A collective sigh from the gentlemen. Silently, they troop out along the passage and leave the apartment. Amelie removes the needle from the record and goes and puts the kettle on for tea. Another sensational afternoon.

In the beginning

Inspired by fellow Uni student theviewingfoot I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog!

 I want background, picture, lights, action !! So, bear with, there will be an intermission, go get a Frankie from the foyer...